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Africa is rife with need.  In every village and every city anguish is written across the faces of people who have no hope for the future and no provision for tomorrow.  Corrupt governments, rampant disease, poor nutrition, and a low value for life are just a few of the problems plaguing the Dark Continent.  For Africa is indeed a dark continent, and her darkness is deep and pervasive.  Addressing any one of the problems will not make a significant difference.  In order for any real, lasting change to take place, all of the needs must be met… a seemingly impossible task.  

However, there is one clear, underlying cause to these diverse problems.  Africa is dark because there is so little understanding or application of God’s Word and His provision for His people on earth.  
“My people are destroyed by a lack of knowledge.”  Hosea 4:6
With the exception of various unreached people groups in remote areas, most of Sub Sahara Africa has been thoroughly evangelized.  However, while the rate of evangelism is high, discipleship is sporadic, shallow, and often very slow in its progress.  Because of this, the continent has to be re-evangelized each generation.  Even church leaders are often lacking in basic Biblical knowledge, focusing much of their time and attention on blessings and prosperity instead of obedience and faith.  The problem is not a lack of zeal, it is that the zeal is pursued without knowledge; that is the knowledge of God and its application to all areas of life.  If this can be said of the shepherds, how much more of the sheep?  As a result, people throughout Africa are perishing without knowledge of God’s gracious provision for both their body and soul.  Their lives are in shambles as they struggle to understand why they fail to prosper.
Only through Christ can a lasting difference be made in this continent enslaved by hopelessness and fear.

In Pursuit of Lasting Change and Transformation

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“I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them.”  Isaiah 42:16